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Season 2023 in Ecuador!
All of this year's plein airs are going to be in Ecuador and other South American countries.
The path is more important than the goal
I do art, design and visual concepts. Since the beginning of the 21st century I have traveled and painted in Egypt, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Russia, Montenegro and finally Ecuador, where I have found the perfect place to create.

As a professional designer, I have come to realize that art is more than design: art has no precise goal or deadline, and therefore the result can be unexpected even for the artist himself.
Volcanoes of Ecuador
For local panoramas, the movie screen format is most suitable, which is able to convey the grandeur and scale of the scenery I saw.
Collection 20:20
This miniature format creates a special feeling - you can hold the picture in your hands, put it in a prominent place in the room, admire it and then change the exposure.
Evening over Kotor Bay
Холст, масло, 20x20 см.
Purple Castle
Холст, масло, 20х20 см.
Red Castle
Холст, масло, 20х20 см.
Sunset over Mount Lovcen
Холст, масло, 20х20 см.
Landscape with a blooming meadow
Холст, масло, 20х20 см.
A saving sunrise
Холст, масло, 20х20 см.
Morning over New Becici.
Холст, масло, 20х20 см.
Skadar Lake in the evening.
Холст, масло, 20х20 см.
The Little Cove on the Ploche
Холст, масло, 20х20 см.
Large Canvases
The format 100x100 cm best captures the beauty of Montenegro's nature - that's how majestic the mountains appear to me!
Green fields in the Comovi mountains
The inspiration for the painting was a trip to the Komovi mountains in western Montenegro. This area is little explored by tourists, but no less picturesque than Durmitor or Kolasin.
110x110 cm, canvas, oil
Skoci Devojka Rock
I was so overwhelmed by the scale of the scenery that I ordered the largest canvas that would fit in a car. One day I just stopped in a picturesque place, walked out to the sea and saw this majestic rock.
110x110 cm, canvas, oil
Kotor Fortress at Sunset
I watched this sunset over the fortress all summer while I was living and working in the studio at Dukley European Art Community, in Kotor. One day the mountain above the fortress was illuminated by a bright orange sun, which was the inspiration for this painting.
110 cm, canvas, oil
Yellow Rocks
Montenegro is unusually beautiful because the transparent air allows you to see the shores in the distance. Even at such a distance they remain warm and bright.
80x80 cm, canvas, oil
Red Roof
These red rooftops in Tivat Bay contrasted with the cool blue sea and reflected slightly in the sky, giving it a greenish hue.
80x80 cm, canvas, oil
View of the Bay of Kotor from Mount Vrmac
This magnificent view of the Bay of Kotor is from the summit of Vrmac. At the top is a pine forest, which perfectly saved me from the heat during the 2019 plein air.
80x80 cm, canvas, oil
Octopus bay
I named the bay because an octopus once wrapped itself around my daughter's leg there and wouldn't let go.
90x160 cm, canvas, oil
Cold sea and warm shore
In spring, in Montenegro, the sea is still cold, but the coast is warming up. Excellent time for plein air!
60x80 cm, canvas, oil
Floating Frame
All paintings in this collection are handmade in wooden frames with wall mounts. They are completely ready to decorate your interior.
4:20 AM
The sky is an amazing color when I wake up early before sunrise. Very inspiring!
Canvas, oil, 40x80 cm.
Sunset over Tivat Bay
Once I saw this magical sunset, sitting on the roof of the old fortress, watching the Bay of Kotor.
Canvas, oil, 50x40 cm.
6:40 PM
At sunset, the summer sun colors the clouds over the mountains in a whole range of amazing hues.
Canvas, oil, 40x80 cm.
I often went to Camp Veslo for plein airs. But one day after a storm, I found a whole rock collapsed.
Canvas, oil, 40x60 cm.
Viela Spila Beach
From the 2019 plein air series.
Canvas, oil, 50x60 cm.
Nudist Beach at Crvena Glavica
One of the favorite places in the Budva Riviera - red rocks and emerald sea!
Oil on canvas, 60x50 cm.
The last ray of light
When I was mixing the colors, the sun was already setting. In this picture - just the very last ray of its light
Canvas, oil, 40x60 cm.
Stormy sea at Galija Beach
One of my favorite places in 2020 was Galija beach. Even in a storm I went there for plein airs.
Canvas, oil, 40x60 cm.
Ploche stone
The first plein air in 2020. Despite the ban, I went to the sea to start the plein air season!
Canvas, oil, 30x40 cm.
Panoramic landscapes
The wide format most accurately conveys the vastness of the sea - the calling card of Montenegro.
Sunset over Kotor Bay
The only and unique place on the planet is the Bay of Kotor, surrounded by mountains above 1,500 meters. When the bay is immersed in a blue fog in the evening, the last rays of the sun lie orange on the peaks.
Canvas, oil, 40x100 cm.
Thunderstorm over Kotor Bay
The unique location of the bay creates its own microclimate inside. The picture depicts the moment when on one side of the bay a storm is approaching, and on the other side of the bay the sun is shining and nothing foretells bad weather.
Oil on canvas, 40x100 cm.
Evening light. Becici.
A good place for evening walks is the wide and long beach of Becici. Its main decoration is a mountain range, illuminated by the rays of the evening sun.
Canvas, oil, 40x100 cm.
New Becici Beach
This wide sandy beach is a favorite place for tourists. This beach gets a special charm out of season when there are only a couple of human figures on it.
Canvas, oil, 40x100 cm.
Panorama from Ploce Beach
One of my favorite places in Montenegro is Ploce beach. In the evening there is an incredibly beautiful panorama, where the warm rays of the setting sun mix with the clear blue air.
Oil on canvas, 30x60 cm.
Panorama with a white sail from Veslo
The picture was painted from life in the Veslo Camp. This remote from civilization corner of nature for many years inspires me to create works.
Canvas, oil, 30x60 cm.
Orange Island - view from Ploce Beach
On special days, the air is so clear that you can see the islands many kilometers away from Ploce Beach. The evening of such a day colors the islands bright orange, while the water remains azure blue.
Canvas, oil, 30x60 cm.
Nudist Rocks
This picture was taken on a hidden nudist beach in Montenegro. It was October, at the end of the season. I spent a whole day in a magical place that inspired me to create one of the most beautiful paintings in this collection.
Oil on canvas, 30x60 cm.
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Bright colors!
I love bright colors, and I hope you share this passion with me. These canvases look especially good on a black background.
A bright flash before a summer night
Canvas, oil, 20x20 cm.
Yellow Dawn
Canvas, oil, 20x20 cm.
A saving sunrise
Canvas, oil, 20x20 cm.
Overnight at Skadar Lake
Canvas, oil, 20x20 cm.
Fighting for Fire
Canvas, oil, 20x20 cm.
Orange Sunset
Canvas, oil, 20x20 cm.
Window to Montenegro
A collection of works framed in a dark mat and a light wood frame. The canvases themselves are carefully concealed under frosted glass.
The Secret Cave
It was magical weather - warm, with no wind and little waves. All the tourists had already left, and the water in the lagoon was emerald green. In the grotto I saw orange stones torn off by the wave, and this color palette struck me to the core.
62x78 cm, canvas, oil.
Octopus Bay
This hidden bay is located at the westernmost point of Montenegro, at Cape Veslo. I named the bay myself because my daughter was once attacked there by an octopus. It grabbed her leg so gently that she didn't notice right away...
62x78 cm, canvas, oil.
Azure Lagoon
That's how bright this lagoon appeared to me, located at Cape Veslo, the most remote point on the Montenegrin coast from civilization.
62x78 cm, canvas, oil.
Rocks in Veslo Bay
These rocks are untouched by man. There has never been a settlement in these places, and it's a miracle that you can get there and see the untouched beauty of nature.
62x78 cm, canvas, oil.
Abstract or Realistic?
What makes a landscape recognizable, where is that fine line that separates the colored spots from the sky and the sea? Move the line left and right:
These works are deliberately framed in vintage gilded frames. It is both a tribute to the paintings of past centuries and a modern reading.
Red Flash
It's spontaneous creativity, frozen music. The mood of the day, the range of colors, the materials at hand - all this imperceptibly influenced the result. It is impossible to repeat, just watch and enjoy.
30x40 cm, paper, oil
Fire in the forest
All the colors of the world are mixed on my palette, I paint a landscape. But landscape is too limited a genre to contain all my fantasy, which bursts into flames!
40x60 cm, paper, oil
Magic Carpet
From the "Abstract Expressionism" collection.
The texture of the cured oil paint looks like a carpet pile with an unusual color pattern.
40x60 cm, paper, oil.
Grass and Wind
From the collection "Abstract Expressionism".
Movements of paint on the picture repeat the movement of the grass, which sway in the breeze.
60x80 cm, paper, oil.
Dedication to Rubens
From the collection "Abstract Expressionism".
The palette of colors is taken from a painting by a master of the Renaissance.
40x60 cm, paper, oil.
Conditional Landscape #4
From the collection "Abstract Expressionism".
Vertical and horizontal rhythm of the painting creates a landscape. But perhaps the landscape is not on our planet.
35x55 cm, paper, oil
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